Finance Your Solar Panel System With A Solar Loan

Local banks make solar loans easy.
Solar panel loans are similar to home improvement loans that homeowners have used for decades to build a deck or add a second bathroom to their homes. When a homeowner borrows money from a lender, they agree to pay it back, plus interest, in monthly installments over the loan term.

Both Butterfield & HSBC can finance AES solar installations.
To discuss how you can benefit from solar power financing with Butterfield, visit a Butterfield Banking Centre or contact their loan hotline on 298 4799 or visit to learn more.

To discuss how you can benefit from solar power financing with HSBC, visit an HSBC Banking Centre or contact them on 299 5959 or visit to learn more.

How it works...

  • Apply Online - you will receive a response after application
  • Accept Loan Agreement - once approved, sign your loan agreement and set-up your loan for funding
  • That's it! Use your loan - receive your funds as early as today
About AES Solar Energy Systems
  • Reduces or eliminates your electricity bill
  • Builds a higher resale value for your property
  • Generates clean, environmentally friendly electricity
  • Produces backup power in case of utility outage
  • Creates secure electricity supply
Electricity generated by solar panels installed on private residences is fed to BELCO’s electrical grid. BELCO buys that energy for the same rate that they sell energy. If in a given month you sold as much energy to BELCO as you bought from them your “net” consumption would be zero and you would eliminate your BELCO bill. If you sold more energy than you bought, you would earn a credit; that credit would be settled by BELCO at the end of each six-month period. If you sold less energy then you bought, you would only pay the difference.
Yes. SunPower solar panels and micro-inverters installed by AES have an industry leading 25-year power warranty directly from the manufacturer.
Energy conservation and renewable power generation adds value to any home. US surveys have shown that, for every $1,000 saved in energy consumption per year, around $20,000 is added to your home’s value, making solar one of the best home improvement investments you can make. 
Financing your solar energy solutions through: The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Ltd, Hamilton, Bermuda 
Yes. The loan for installation of the panels can be added to your existing mortgage at your existing rate. Contact your personal lender to discuss your options. 
Yes. Our team of professional lenders will work with you to find a flexible financing option that suits your needs.