SunPower’s Advantages in Bermuda’s Unique and Challenging Climate

Salt, humidity and wind – all Bermudians know the wear and tear these elements place on anything brought to our shores. Most Solar Panels promise you a 25-year warranty, but are all of them up to the Bermuda challenge?

Not all solar panels are created equal; in fact there is a huge range in both power and efficiency of the solar cells as a result of the different methods used to manufacture them. These variations in solar cell construction are a critical point to focus on when considering a return on your solar power investment.

  • SunPower Guarantee’s you the highest level of Performance over any other solar manufacturer and any other solar panels available on the market.SunPower solar cells currently hold the world record for efficiency at 24.3 percent.
  • SunPower – Highest Reliability
    A Solar Energy system’s reliability is best summed up by three metrics:
    1) The functional lifetime of the panels
    2) How well the panels perform over their lifetime
    3) Energy production continuity
Solar Systems Designed for the Real-World

Because the real-world is hard on solar panels, we test our panels far more rigorously than anyone in the industry.

As a result, SunPower solar energy systems stand up much better than others to:

  • Temperature swings
  • Moisture and humidity
  • Intense loads
  • Shading
Guaranteed Solar Performance

From end to end, SunPower guarantees you the highest level of solar energy system performance. Installation is fast to minimize disruption. And SunPower® panels perform. Ten years of comprehensive data show that on average, SunPower® solar panels deliver 105 percent of their expected energy production. Plus, they’re built to withstand real-world conditions, so your long-term maintenance costs are impressively low—with an impressively high 98 percent uptime.

25 Years of Reliable Solar Energy

When you’re buying solar, reliability is crucial. And SunPower solar energy systems are the most rigorously tested, most reliable solar power systems you can buy. The bottom line? SunPower panels are designed for the real world. And exhaustive testing ensures that SunPower systems perform consistently, hassle-free, for well over 25 years.