When it comes to solar energy for your home, AES was founded on the Principles of providing the people of Bermuda with the best possible service, for the best possible product at the best possible price. To date we have installed over 800W, which is over 3000 SunPower solar panels. We are far and above Bermuda’s acknowledged Solar Energy Leader because of our world renowned product line, many years of experience, expertise and high levels of customer service.

AES has pioneered the industry in Bermuda and was the first company to install a large scale commercial system, which is at Lindo’s Market in Devonshire. AES also invented and engineered Bermuda’s first-ever Building Integrated (BIPV) system for a Bermuda roof where the panles sit flush with the roof surface and therefore are part of the roof structure.

Best-In-Class Solar Panel Installers

Of course you’d like to choose the highest quality solar panels for your home. So shouldn’t your installer be selected with the same level of care? Alternative Energy Systems is a member of the SunPower international network of solar power dealers. You can count on AES to provide the highest standard of quality and customer service when it comes to the installation of your home solar panels.

About the SunPower® Dealer Network

SunPower solar energy installers are the most qualified and professional installers of residential solar systems worldwide. SunPower provides training and education to the highest standards in the industry.

In fact, SunPower is the only solar panel manufacturer with an ISPQ-accredited technical training program, an international standard that ensures continuity, consistency and quality in the delivery of training. SunPower even inspects their dealers’ work to ensure that the highest quality standards are upheld.

SunPowers’ network of dealers have installed tens of thousands of home solar energy systems around the globe. You can rely on AES as a SunPower dealer to handle all aspects of your residential solar panel installation, including design, engineering, Planning and Building permit applications, Government rebate processing and Belco Interconnection procedures.

AES & Sunpower - The Trusted Solar Solution for your Home
When you select a SunPower solar energy system for your home from Alternative Energy Systems (Bermuda) Ltd. you get more than the most powerful residential solar panels on the planet. AES provides a complete SunPower solar energy solution; from highest-efficiency solar panels and inverters to mounting systems and energy monitoring capability. AES‘ relationship with SunPower makes sense for Bermuda because SunPower controls the entire manufacturing process and AES provides the custom installation, sales and service to suit your needs. AES is able to ensure that the highest quality, best-looking solar panels reach your beautiful Bermuda rooftop and produce the most energy for that space for years to come.

A SunPower system from AES also comes with a 25-year performance warranty directly from the manufacturer, so you get peace of mind knowing an established and proven company will be with you every step of the way. AES is part of SunPower’s worldwide best-in-class dealer network. From manufacturing to designing, engineering, permitting, installing and monitoring, AES and SunPower provide the only seamless service for the delivery of the most reliable and most efficient clean solar energy available in Bermuda.


SunPower® Residential Solar Panels

It is indisputable: SunPower residential solar panels, provided by AES in Bermuda, produce the most energy of all solar panels available on the market. Installing the Highest Efficiency panels is important because it means that you can make the most of your roof space to produce significantly more electricity and save more money on your electric bills.