AES offers Bermuda the Most Efficient and Reliable Turnkey Solar Solutions.

The most powerful solar energy systems go beyond the solar cell and solar panel. Alternative Energy Systems (Bermuda) Ltd. delivers complete commercial solar power services and systems that are designed to optimize overall solar energy output. At every step of a solar project – from site assessment, to design, to planning, engineering, and installation, to operation and maintenance – our goal at AES is to provide systems that deliver the most energy possible and a level of service that is uncompromising.
AES is able to delivers turnkey rooftop solar installations, solar ground mount solutions, and solar parking lot installations that significantly reduce or eliminate the energy costs of Bermuda’s businesses. We also offer robust solar energy-management services to ensure your solar system will always run at peak performance and deliver the greatest energy output for decades to come.

Our experience in Bermuda for the design and installation of commercial solar projects ensures the highest levels of quality assurance and satisfaction from our customers.

A selection of our satisfied Commercial Clients:


Record-Breaking Solar Technology

AES is proud to be the local dealer for SunPower® commercial solar solutions. A SunPower commercial installation is powered by the world’s most efficient solar technology. Operating at a world record 22.4% efficiency rating, SunPower solar cells are designed and manufactured with the patented SunPower Maxeon™ technology and produce up to 50% more energy per square foot than other solar technologies. SunPower systems consistently outperform other solar technologies in a broad range of real-world conditions, including high temperatures, coastal conditions, low light and over extended periods of time.

 The Most Solar Energy per Rooftop

Commercial rooftops are prime real estate for solar system installations. Rooftops provide the opportunity to turn unused space into an energy-producing, cost-cutting asset. Utilizing the record-breaking SunPower® Maxeon™ solar cell technology AES is able to design and engineer a system to allow you to generate the most solar energy possible on your limited roof space. This allows you to offset more of your electricity bill and realize the greatest savings on energy costs. AES also resourcefully incorporates a tilt-up racking system into the design and installation of its systems that provides the peace of mind for structural integrity that Bermudians have come to rely on for water collection and protection against the elements. This method of attachment allows for an unobstructed access to the entire roof surface after installation is complete for routine inspection, maintenance and painting, if required.

Solar Parking Canopies



Let AES Power Up Your Parking

SunPower® solar parking canopies are setting the standard for elevated solar power systems. Ideal for parking lots or open areas adjacent to facilities, these solar PV parking structures generate on-site solar electric power, reduce energy costs and provide premium shading with protection from the weather.

This product is adaptable by design, accommodating unique property lines and differing topography contours. Each system is individually engineered to optimize energy output in your available space, thereby maximizing your return on investment.  AES is also able to incorporate electric car charging stations into the design, which is an added attractive feature for your business.