Off-Grid or Grid-Tied with SunPower and Sonnen

AES can design the right system for the way you want to live


AES is Bermuda’s exclusive representative for SunPower solar systems and Sonnen Energy Storage and Management systems. SunPower is the leading supplier of residential solar in the US and SunPower panels hold the world record for power and efficiency. Sonnen are the leading supplier of residential storage units in Germany and Europe. AES is proud to be able to deliver the worlds best solar products to the Bermuda market.

To do this AES will work closely with the customer throughout the entire process of selecting, purchasing, and installing a complete renewable energy system with whole home energy backup and storage if required

Our goal is to provide information and service of the highest caliber. The entire process consists of 3 steps as follows:

  • Free Energy Analysis and Proposal – Our internationally certified installers will meet with you onsite to answer questions and discuss your concerns regarding the purchase and installation of a Solar Energy System. If you wish, we will proceed immediately to conduct a site survey so as to determine the most efficient and least obtrusive position for your system. Following the survey we will prepare a proposal detailing the most cost effective system you will require, the most optimal positioning of the system components and the estimated amount of monthly savings to your current electricity bills. If you wish to leave the grid AES can show you how to declare your energy independence – its easy and offers peace of mind during hurricane season.
  • System Purchase – Once you have chosen the best system for your home or business AES will manage the entire Planning process and keep you informed of any and all proceedings. AES will also apply to BELCO on your behalf for a Net Metering and Interconnection Service. The lead-time for your custom order is currently 6 weeks. It should be noted that the Bermuda Government, in it’s effort to assist the public in helping the environment and the economy, has been very proactive with their energy policy by eliminating all import duties for photovoltaic systems.
  • System Installation – Our aim is to have your system installed, commissioned and inspected in the shortest time possible and with minimal interruption to your busy routine. We will consult with you on an installation that is most aesthetically pleasing and practical.