AES Foundation

Tim Madeiros, Found & CEO
AES founder and CEO, Tim Madeiros, started the company in January 1988 with the goal of providing the people and businesses of Bermuda with top quality, reliable micro-renewable, non-polluting energy sources. Tim brings a wealth of engineering and technical expertise to the company. He completed his apprenticeship as an electrician in the early ‘80’s and eventually joined the local power company in 1987 as an electrical fitter, installing high voltage switchgear and transformers.

By the year 2000, Tim had earned a first class honors Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronic Engineering from Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, UK and a Master of Science degree in Communication and Radio Engineering from Kings College in London, UK.

He has since worked for a transatlantic submarine fibre optic communications company as operations manager and in the financial sector with a local reinsurance company as a risk analyst.

Tim Madeiros became a Chartered Engineer with the UK Council of Engineering in 2007 and he is an active member of the IET in London. Tim is committed to sourcing products that are environmentally and socially sustainable and reliable over the long term so that Bermuda can reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and thereby reduce our global carbon footprint.